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Two boys from Bohemia used to play the clarinet and saxophone in their harmonious and happy childhood. After having played the classical and traditional music for several years, they both felt they needed to rock. They still didn`t know each other, living in just 100 miles far parallel worlds. Arno jumped behind the drums, singing hallelujah and Tom grabbed the electric guitar, smashing the chords. When they met at university, immediately they knew they got to play together and so formed the band LINGERS.

They loved to linger on the wild side, crazy happenings & jams, all night gigs, experimenting, opening the doors of perception. A demo album “Women`s Lament“ was made during three summer nights in a radio studio.


All of a sudden, their close friend and bassplayer Jarin crossed the threshhold into the dark and left forever. They moved to Arno`s hometown where Pete (bass) and David (violin, guitar) joined in.

In 2002 they recorded next album “BEYOND“ in their own production. They became well-known and respected in their neighbourhood.

A prestigeous independent label Indies Records got interested and released their second album “GALLERY“ in 2004, which received wide critical acclaim.

Now they have just finished a new album “MADE IN MIND”, which is probing cerebral world by means of rich sonic palette, memorable fresh tunes and teasing lyrics.


Arnošt Sameš

Arnost Sameswas born on 28th March in Litoměřice. He studied clarinet and saxophone at music school and then played in a group called Cactus from 1988 to 1992. While at university in Ústí nad Labem in 1993, Arno, together with Tom and a couple of other students, formed the original Lingers. In 1997, Arnošt spent some time in the UK, studying music and English literature at the University of Brighton. In 1998 he graduated from Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, with a degree in English and music. Arno was a bass-baritone in the mixed choir Chorea Academica, and he participated in a vocalist workshop under the leadership of Professor E. Klezla in 2000. He conducts interviews with English-speaking musicians for the music magazine Muzikus. Arnošt´s main projects are composing music, playing drums and singing with Lingers, and occasionally he plays drums in Red Hot Chili Nipples with Tom and A. Stivín.

Women`s Lament (1996)
Beyond (2002)
Gallery (2004)

Tomáš "Hosi" Hoskovec

Tomas Hoskovecwas born in Ústí nad Labem on 17th January. In 1990 at the age of 16 he picked up a guitar and formed the band č.p. 1398 (named after the number of a house where the band used to jam). He also played with some other bands at that time - The Face and The End. He graduated from Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem where his major subjects were Czech and English. It was at the university in 1994 that Tom got together with Arnošt and other schoolmates to form the early Lingers. Tom came through some other interesting music projects besides, such as the folk band Truckeři or the prototypical reggae band Orly W Blotie Europy. In 1998 he moved to Česká Lípa and the next year the new Lingers met up.


Michal (Wóňa) Voňavka

Petr Loswas born in Stockholm. At the age of 17 he fell in love with four thick metal strings …so from that time he can´t stop playing the bass guitar. By the way he plays it more than well, and that is why he was drafted in to become a regular member of Lingers in 2010. He lives in Prague, where he also jams with some other bands.







David Singer

David Singerwas born at the end of April. He spent all of his childhood in the exquisite surroundings of Kamenický Šenov. He is a violin graduate of the State Conservatory in Teplice where he studied with Professor Jiřina Dlouhá. Since 1989 he has been teaching violin at the Česká Lípa Music School. David´s got awesome memories of his rock band projects Stojaté vody and St. Woody from the 90s. In addition to playing with Lingers, he is a member of B4 formation where he´s drowning himself in extemporised electronic music, and he plays chamber music as a member of Helikoptrio.

B4 "ZWICKAU" 2002
B4 "KLANG" 2004
B4 "JAZZ" 2005

Fery Kuchař

Frantisek Kucharwas born on 21st July. On top of piano lessons he also attended singing and artwork courses. Since he was a boy he has always been involved in singing choirs; his training was harvested at Chorea Academica of Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem. He studied maths and physics there and later also music. He was a member of the band Septet Voices as bass player and he was music director on their CD. In 2003 he took part in Summer Jazz School courses in Frýdlant. At the moment František is a teacher at the grammar school in Mimoň, a singer in several choirs (Bohemiachor, SFS) and a member of Lingers where he has followed in his brother´s footsteps as keyboard player.




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